Zapco Amp Review


Zapco has been one of the most competitive manufacturers of car audio professional gear for more than 40 years. The company takes pride in being associated with only the best in terms of car audio amplifiers. Recently, the company set out to develop a line of amplifiers that fit the budget while at the same time meeting today’s need for a lightweight and compact product. The Zapco ST-4XSQ Studio X Series SQ amplifier was the result. As we are going to see from this Zapco amp review, it was worth the while.

Zapco Amp Review – Product Description

The Zapco ST-4XSQ amplifier is one of the amps by Zapco in the Studio X flagship. It weighs 6.7 pounds and measures 15.9 x 7.7 x 3 inches. This amplifier uses bi-polar output devices for the smoothest possible sound. It comes packed with all the desirable features. These include the variable HP/LP/Full Range electronic crossovers, variable bass boost, and variable gain by channel pair. Additionally, the ST-4XSQ has heavy duty positive lock terminal blocks and preamp outputs for strapping an additional amp. This flagship also features the Tiffany style panel mount RCA connectors for a solid signal transfer. The specifications of this amplifier are: Class AB/RMS Power-ch. at 4 ohms 70W/Ch/RMS Power-ch. at 2 ohms 105W/Ch/RMS Power-ch. at 1 ohm No/RMS Power-ch. Bridged at 4 ohm 210w x 2/Frequency Response 15Hz – 30KHz/THD at rated power 0.02%/Signal to Noise 90dB/Channel Separation 60dB/Tested Voltage 14.4v/R.

Zapco Amp Review

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Pros and Cons

According to one Zapco amp review, the ST-4XSQ is worth the price tag given its performance. All things considered, the performance of this amp has most definitely surpassed the expectations of many sound enthusiasts. On top of that, it is well-built with a top notch quality of the case. Although the quality of sound is heavily dependent on the speakers, the amplifier plays an equally important role, and the Zapco amp does not disappoint. The sound is crisp, clear, and free of distortions even at the maximum volume. The combination of running the mids and highs in a three-way active setup gives a spectacular combination that makes you just literally fall in love with the sound of it.

The ST-4XSQ gives you an easy time setting up your sound system. Also, the fact that it delivers plenty of clean power gives you the satisfaction of having such a high-end amplifier. According to one Zapco amp review, the clean power gives you the opportunity to enjoy the subtle sounds that are usually missed in a song. With its compact build, the ST-4XSQ can nicely fit under a seat thus sparing extra room in the vehicle. It isn’t too power hungry on your alternator either.

Zapco Amp Review – Conclusion

The Zapco ST-4XSQ Studio X Series amp is a must have for a sound enthusiast. This product offers the best sound quality at a premium price that guarantees total satisfaction. For this reason, you could never go wrong with this choice. Premium pricing is not supposed to be a downside. However, it may be the only thing standing between you and this excellent piece of equipment and based on its performance; I say it is worth the price.

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