5 Best Bluetooth Car Amplifiers

For audiophiles, it’s hard to imagine any situation that isn’t made better by great sound quality. Whether you’re hosting a cookout in your backyard or building the ultimate home theatre, a great sound system can change everything. Of course, one ...
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Kenwood KAC-M3004 Amp

Kenwood KAC-M3004 Amp Review

RMS power. Compact. Good-looking. 4-channel. 600 Watts peak power. Falls within your budget, most probably. Is considered one of the topmost car amplifiers in the price range. Need we say more? Check Price On Amazon The Kenwood KAC-M3004 Compact is ...
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Alpine MRV-F300 Amp

Alpine MRV-F300 Amp Review

The Alpine MRV-F300 is the #1 bestseller in car multichannel amplifiers on Amazon. Before our original purchase, we were skeptical, to be completely honest. But after regular usage, we have found that this is the best because of the features ...
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Rockford R300X4 Prime Amp

Rockford R300X4 Prime Amp Review

The R300X4 comes with a cast aluminium heatsink that includes top mount controls. The heatsink helps the amplifier immensely, as we have seen in our experience. And we understand that any good amplifier must have this feature if they want ...
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Skar Audio 2000 Amp

Skar Audio Amp Review

Skar audio is one of the go-to brands in car audio equipment such as amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers. This is because of the company’s reputation of high-quality engineering. Products from Skar Audio rarely disappoint especially in delivering top-of-the-class sound and ...
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DS18 GEN-2400.4 2400 Watts Four-Channel Amplifier

DS18 Amplifier Review

Most music and sound enthusiasts know how to spot a good-quality amplifier. There are key features that you just can’t do without in a music system. These include high power, precision, and control. Although the market is full of amplifiers ...
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Hertz HCP5D

Hertz Amplifier Review

Hertz is a renowned manufacturer of high-end car audio amplifiers. Having been on the market for a long time, the company recently decided to put its experience in designing the Hertz HCP5D, which is set to revolutionize how you hear ...
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Zapco ST-4XSQ Amplifier

Zapco Amp Review

Zapco has been one of the most competitive manufacturers of car audio professional gear for more than 40 years. The company takes pride in being associated with only the best in terms of car audio amplifiers. Recently, the company set ...
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Autotek TA2050.2 2000 Watt Mono Amplifier

Autotek Amp Review

Autotek has been in the business of providing car audio services for the past 30 years. This flagship is considered the biggest power that delivers an output of a whopping 2000 watts. This Autotek amp review intends to focus on ...
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Planet Audio Amp Anarchy AC4000.1D

Planet Audio Amp Review

Music lovers know that power is everything when it comes to sound systems. Power determines the quality of music by dictating the number and capacity of subwoofers and speakers that an amplifier can drive. Planet Audio, the American manufacturer of ...
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