Planet Audio Amp Review


Music lovers know that power is everything when it comes to sound systems. Power determines the quality of music by dictating the number and capacity of subwoofers and speakers that an amplifier can drive. Planet Audio, the American manufacturer of audio equipment, seems to have figured out this particular need. The company’s revolutionary Planet Audio Anarchy Amplifier is just one among the Anarchy series. It allows you to customize and control your sound to achieve the loudest and clearest music that fits your preference. This Planet audio amp review focuses on the Anarchy AC4000.1D.

Planet Audio Amp Review

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Planet Audio Amp Review’s Product Description

The Planet Audio Anarchy AC4000.1D Monoblock amplifier originates from the United States. It weighs 11.3 pounds and measures 15 x 10 x 2.4 inches. This product comes with a one year warranty with an additional exchange period of 3 years. This product has 4000 watts max power with a MOSFET power supply. It features a variable low pass crossover, bass boost, subsonic filter and switchable phase control for customizing the sound. Also, the Planet Audio Anarchy amplifier comes with a remote subwoofer control that allows you to tweak the bass remotely. The strapping cable and the Pre-Amp outputs enable you to strap another AC4000.1D to obtain a total of 8000 watts @2-ohms, which provides double the performance.

AC4000.1D Monoblock: Pros and Cons

The cost of the AC4000.1D Monoblock is quite affordable. This product goes for only $119.62, which is way lower than other amps with the same specs in the market. This amp comes with in-built features that enable the user to increase its performance without interfering with the manufacturer’s design. An example is the Pre-Amp output through which you can obtain double the performance by just connecting an additional AC4000.1D amplifier. This amp comes with a short protection and phase control feature that protects the amplifier from the effects of excess heat and short circuits. The amp has a solid build and great design. According to one planet audio amp review, the blue backlight that illuminates the Anarchy logo enhances the appearance of this amplifier giving it a distinctive look. It is also fairly easy to install because the manual is straightforward.

The amplifier’s downside is the fact that it gets hot when in use. According to one planet audio amp review, the heat is enough to burn you if you continuously place your hand on the amp. Also, the amp is not bolted down, which makes it jump around especially when you are driving in a rugged terrain. The place where you connect the power, ground and remote cable is made of plastic. This makes it flimsy and breakable when you tighten your connection.

Planet Audio Amp Review’s Conclusion

The Planet Audio Anarchy AC4000.1D Monoblock Class D Amplifier gives you excellent control over a wide range of music. This low-budget amplifier is just what you need. Especially if you like to tweak your sound, adjust the bass, raise the volume and experience music uniquely.

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