Kenwood KAC-M3004 Amp Review


RMS power. Compact. Good-looking. 4-channel. 600 Watts peak power. Falls within your budget, most probably. Is considered one of the topmost car amplifiers in the price range. Need we say more?

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The Kenwood KAC-M3004 Compact is regarded very highly by car amplifier enthusiasts. It handles both the ends: the new user as well as the experts. And it handles them well. That’s why there is a lot of praise from car amplifier users of both kinds: the new ones as well as those who have had the experience of many car amplifiers on multiple vehicles.

The reason is simple: the sound quality speaks for itself.

Pros and Cons

The hardware is solid and thus the amplifier is quite durable. It’s meant for long-term usage. The exceptional sound quality might fade away after a few years but know that the features and sound boost will be great throughout the years. And that’s one of the primary things that make the Kenwood such a hot choice among those who extensively use car amplifiers.

The look of this car amplifier is amazing. Also, this Class D amplifier is among the best in the category, very easily. Quite effortlessly, this is a car amplifier that will be the difference between making and breaking your in-car audio experience. If there is any materialization of the expression “reaching the next level” then it’s here. The makes good use of its functions and build quality to deliver amazing sound that really takes your sound experience to a whole new level.

The amp also works amazingly in 2 and 3-channel modes. Also, the peak power is although officially 600 Watts, we had the experience of peaking it at 700+, which was an amazing experience at the very least.

Kenwood Amplifier Review – Conclusion

Long story short, this is our pick in 4 channel car amplifiers. Yes, it delivers everything it needs to be. A really great buy!

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