How to install a car amp and sub


The power subs include an amplifier, subwoofer, and enclosure as a complete package. You
might have crossed path with some cars with great music system. People choose power subs
because they want quality music and bass boosted audio output. If you also want to install this
kind of music system in your car, here is a guide for you. Follow each step carefully to install the
power subwoofer perfectly.

Find free space to fix the sub and amp

It is not just about installing the subwoofer. You also need free space to install the amplifier. If you are thinking to install it under the seat, think once again about it. The subwoofers with the built-in amplifier produce and release heat. Do not choose a packed space without ventilation.
You should choose a free space where the heat generated by the amp can get released out of
the car. The installation location should also not be too far to be accessed. Consider these things before choosing a location for installing the sub and amp.

You may have already bought the sub and amplifier. As you can check, there is not necessary
wiring for installation. You can buy an amplifier wiring kit from the market. This kit will comprise necessary wiring along with fuses, which you will require while installing the power sub.

The Installation guide

Follow the given steps to finish the installation process like a pro.

  1. Disconnect the battery

    Do not forget to disconnect the battery before beginning the installation process. It will save you and your power sub from damage because negative current released by the battery can cause significant harm to you or your gear.

  2. Connect the amp and sub with the battery

    Now is the time to connect the battery to the amplifier and subwoofer. So, stretch the power cable from the battery and connect it to the subwoofer. The amp wiring kits can be available with the fuse assembly. If the fuse is not assembled to the wires, take a long piece of wire and it should be long enough to connect with the fuse holder. Now attach the fuse holder to one end of the wire and another end to the terminal ring. Now connect the fuse holder with the amplifier. Hence the lead between the fuse holder and the battery is unprotected, you should fix the fuse near the battery.

    Connecting the signal cable and turn-on wire:
    Once the power wire is connected, you should get ready to connect the turn-on cable and signal cable. Both of these cables will connect to the stereo. You should fix these two wires behind the dash. The turn on cable will be attached to the remote turn on wire in the car’s stereo. Check with the owner manual to recognize the RCA cable and then plug it to the outputs.

  3. Connecting the ground wire

    It is the third important connection. You can connect the ground wire to your car’s chassis. Now search for a nut nearby and fasten the ground wire to it. You should first remove the paint and then connect this wire to make a proper connection.

  4. Install the amp and subwoofer

    Now all the necessary connections are done. Now is the time to connect the subwoofer and amplifier with the wires. Now connect the battery to turn on the music system and check everything is working perfectly. That’s how you can install the power sub in your car. Each step is important here and do not forget to cover the open ends of the wires to prevent short circuit. Make a secure connection to avoid problems in the future.

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