How to keep your car amp cool


You might not recognize it as a big issue, but your car amp can produce enough heat to destroy your vehicle by fire. Yes, it is true and that’s why millions of car owners have applied some solution to keep the amp cool and prevent the potential damage. You can apply some security measures to keep the heat under control. The car amp can overheat because of several reasons. It can overheat if the speakers are not properly connected to the amp. If there is too much power between the speakers and amp, overheating will occur. You should match the load and then connect the speaker to the amp to avoid overheating.

The amplifier will never overheat if installed perfectly. The ground connection should be done properly. Always connect the ground wire to the metal chassis of the car. It is how you can make perfect ground connections and avoid overheating issues. There is no need to visit a car mechanic or car interior shop if you are a DIY hobbyist. It will not take too long and sufficient protection will be there to prevent the damage if you follow the given tips.

Things you will need

You need a small cooling fan, a drill, drilling bits, amplifier fuse, electric wire, and a screwdriver. All of these things can be easily available in the market. So, arrange all these tools and then follow the steps below.

1. Ensure you have the right size fuse:

The amplifier fuse you have bought should be similar to a fuse installed in the amplifier. If the fuse size does not match with the fuse installed in the amp, replace it with the right size fuse. The fuse specs will be written on the packaging sticker, so check those specs and then get the right size fuse.

2. Installing the cooling fan:

There will be no need for an additional fan if the amplifier is placed at a location where the air pass is great. If not, then you need a small cooling fan. Connect that fan with the power wires of the amp through electrical wires. It will be a great solution because whenever you will turn on the amp, the fan will also start cooling the amplifier. Therefore, the chances of overheating would be quite low.

3. Maintain some free space around the amp:

Though you have installed the cooling fan, the amplifier can still get overheated and cause some tragic troubles. The professional car decorators and mechanics suggest the owners keep the area around the amplifier free. It will help you in improving the airflow. It would be great if you can create some free space for air passing. That’s how the hot air will get released into the outer atmosphere and cooler air will fill the space to keep your amp cool. So, follow this tip if you think the cooling fan is not working pretty well.

4. Check the heat constantly:

Now you have made all the arrangements to avoid the amplifier overheating condition. Things can still get out of control if there is something that does not work properly. Therefore, you should check the heat levels time and again during the initial days. If the amplifier is overheating, you can meet a professional technician to find a suitable solution. If the amp overheating problem is solved, the temperature around the amp would be quite low. That’s how you can ensure your vehicle and the amplifier is safe.

So, this is how you can easily prevent the amp overheating problem and keep your sound system cool and in the best shape for a long time.

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