Hertz Amplifier Review


Hertz is a renowned manufacturer of high-end car audio amplifiers. Having been on the market for a long time, the company recently decided to put its experience in designing the Hertz HCP5D, which is set to revolutionize how you hear the sound of your car. Hertz’s signature design and quality have been combined to come up with this extremely excellent car amplifier. In this Hertz amplifier review, we are going to look into the specifications that make the HCP5D a top-of-the-class component of the car audio system.

Hertz Amplifier Review

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Hertz Amplifier Review – Product Description

The HCP5D weighs approximately 8 pounds and measures 16.1 x 9.4 x 3.8 inches. Furthermore, this amp is a complete front+rear+sub with five incredibly powerful D class channels. The Bass Boost and Subsonic filters in the HCP5D enhance the quality of sound by reducing the S/N Ratio. Also, this amp comes with the Hertz Remote Control accessory. The HCP5D has an output power rating of 1500 watts. Its S/N ratio weighted at 1 volt is 100dB. Unlike most car amplifiers, the HCP5D has a relatively higher damping factor, which is 100Hz@40 Ohms. The damping factor is the same as the total harmonic distortion (THD). 50W x 4-Ch +150W x 1Ch (4-Ohm, <1% THD+N), 65W x 4 + 200W (4-Ohm), 105W x 4 + 330W (2-Ohm), 210W x 2 (4-Ohm) + 330W (2-Ohm).

Pros and Cons

The HCP5D comes with an array of inputs for an integrated configuration with any head units. It is suitable to work with in the five-channel mode with the subwoofer, and three channels with a front+sub system. This amplifier is assembled with high-quality components and features a complete by-passable crossover system. It also features an optimized dissipation system which transfers heat from the heat sink and then dissipates it through the sides of the amplifier. The HCP5D offers the ability to remote control the subwoofer volume with extreme precision. This, according to a Hertz amplifier review, is made possible by the HRC accessory that comes with the amp.

The notable downside of this amplifier is the pricing. Not so many people are willing to part with $400 for a 5-channel amp. This is because there are several budget-fitting alternatives in the market. However, the quality of the HCP5D is definitely unquestionable given the high-end components and the sleek finish. It is worth noting, though, that the price tag of the HCP5D puts away many potential buyers.

Hertz Amplifier Review – Conclusion

When it comes to high-end car amplifiers, the HCP5D has no match. It is definitely top notch in design, appearance, and performance. This means that the HCP5D will give you value for your money no matter what. If the price tag is not a major issue of concern for you, then this is the right amplifier that will work well with your car audio system.

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