DS18 Amplifier Review


Most music and sound enthusiasts know how to spot a good-quality amplifier. There are key features that you just can’t do without in a music system. These include high power, precision, and control. Although the market is full of amplifiers both midrange and high-end, there are those whose design and characteristics are undoubtedly the trend setters. DS18 Genesis Amplifiers fall into this category. With higher power sizes, built in voltage and temperature meters, the DS18 series is streamlined, powerful and innovative. Therefore, this amp is better than any other in the industry. This article is a DS18 Amplifier Review. It focuses on the specs, pros, cons and a verdict of the worthiness of the DS18 GEN-2400.4 amplifier.

DS18 Amplifier Review – Description/Specifications

The DS18 weighs 11 pounds, measures 15.8 x 9.9 x 2.2 inches and comes in a black/glossy-extruded aluminum chassis. It also features a polished heat-sink, illuminating red logo, temperature display voltage meter, MOSFET PSU transistors, and fully regulated PMW power supply. The DS18 has low/subsonic pass crossovers, Pre-Amp Outputs, 200mV-6V low-level inputs, direct 4GA power terminals, 8GA speaker terminals. These terminals are 2-Ohm stable in stereo mode, 4-Ohm Bridged Stable Class A/B, and Tri-Mode Capability. Moreover, this amp also features Crossover and Switching capabilities. The amp’s variable Hi Pass is 10 Hz – 1.2 kHz. Its variable Low Pass is 30 Hz – 150 Hz. It features a Bass Boost of 0-9dB at 45 Hz. Also, this amp has an S/N Ratio of 104dB, and a frequency response of 10 Hz – 60 kHz. A Four Way Protection Circuit and Variable Input Level Controls are in this amplifier.

DS18 Amplifier Review

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Pros and Cons

First of all, on first use, one cannot help but notice the lots of power and clarity that the DS18 delivers. The 2400watts allow you to hook up this amp with a lot of loads. This includes loads as much as 2 CVX kicker 15”s bumping 750 RMS 1500 peak each. However, you’ll need to double the batteries to get the most out of it in terms of power and performance. The DS18 amp is well designed and powers your speakers well enough to produce excellent sound. The red lights in the voltmeter and temperature display enhances the design and appearance of this amplifier. Most importantly, the four-way protection circuit protects the music system from thermal heat, over-load current, direct current and short circuits.

The only downside to this amplifier as noted by one DS18 Amplifier Review is its short lifespan. Heavy usage can lower its durability to less than 12 months. As a result, an internal ground fault can damage the entire device, which is an indication of weak circuitry inside the amp.

DS18 Amplifier Review – Conclusion

The DS18 effortlessly delivers a mind-blowing performance. This product comes with an incredibly high power rating. Also, this comes with sufficient circuit protection to relieve the customer of the worries of having to put up with faults that arise from short circuits, overload currents, and thermal surges.

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