The 7 Best Car Amps

Car amplifiers are quite essential for any music lover who wants to listen to quality music while driving. Many people believe that car amps are only useful for playing music louder. Although this is just a misconception, many car owners do not realize there are many other benefits of having a car amp. Whether you enjoy loud noises or not, an amplifier will always add quality to any type of music. They improve the overall sound quality, power the subwoofers, as well as the speakers. All in all, a car amplifier improves your driving experience. We make choosing the right amp simple by putting a list of the best car amplifiers on the market.

Top 7 Car Amplifiers of 2020

Rockville RXH-F5

The top spot on our list of the best car amplifiers goes to the Rockville RXH-F5 amp. This affordable car stereo amplifier, with it’s 5-channels and sleek design, is an excellent choice and is here to stay.

Zapco Studio X Series

Zapco Amp Review

Our number two pick, mostly because of it’s more premium price, is the Zapco ST-4XSQ Studio X Series amplifier. The sounds quality is spectacular and pretty much as good as it gets.

Hertz HCP5D

Hertz Amplifier Review

Another 5-channel amplifier, this this by the high-end car audio manufacturer Hertz. Their HCP5D is number three on our list, and it’s signature design and high-quality performance is what got it there. Check it out on Amazon and see how it compares to our other picks!

Skar Audio RP-2000.1D

Skar Audio Amp Review

This might be the most reliable amplifier on our list, and pretty close to a 5-star one, but not quite there yet. The RP-2000.1D is still a great choice, at a decent price. Read our review and learn more about it.

The DS18

DS18 Amplifier Review

We are getting lower on our Top 7 list, but definitely not lower in terms of quality. The DS18 delivers a mind-blowing performance and incredible, high power. It also looks incredible!

Planet Audio Anarchy AC4000.1D

Planet Audio Amp Review

And finally, we have a low budget amplifier – The Planet Audio Anarchy AC4000. This amp is not the best of the best, but it will offer a great variety of frequencies and sound diversity. Check it our on Amazon to learn what other customers are saying.

Autotek 4000 Watt Mono

Autotek Amp Review

The Teac TN-300 turntable is what you are looking for when you want to get an analog one which has great features. One of the best things about it is the manual belt-drive turntable which supports 33/45 RPM and it is fascinating. Also, the USB output will be of use if you want to transfer music from the records to your PC.

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Things to consider when buying a car amplifier

The number of channels

The car amplifiers can be available with a number of channels. The channels are used to power the speakers installed in the car. As a car owner, you can recognize an amp with the right number of channels. You should simply consider the number of speakers installed in your car and then choose an amp with the required number of channels. If you love to hear loud music, you should choose an amplifier that can power up at-least all the speakers installed in the car. That’s how you can get loud and clear sound.

Is the amp compatible with your car’s music system

There must be a head unit when you are planning to develop a new audio system for your vehicle. The head unit is used to preamp the outputs and the car amplifier comes with line level inputs. It produces the clearest sound when you provide the amplifier with unamplified signal. Do not make a mistake of buying an aftermarket head unit that does not provide preamp output. The factory head units also do not provide it and that’s why you can either buy an amplifier with speaker level inputs or buy a head unit that can produce preamp outputs.

Power of the amplifier

It is important to consider the power of an amplifier when you are planning to use some powerful speakers. You should not end up by buying an amplifier that cannot power your speakers. You should first buy the speakers and then search for a car amplifier with enough capacity to power those speakers. You might not be planning to install new speakers, but still the factory speakers would need a powerful amp to improve the quality of the audio output.
You will need an amp that can power the sub woofer in the car, if you are installing the sub. A sub woofer requires the combined power of two channels and therefore the amplifier must be a multi-channel amp that can power the speakers and sub at the same time.

Can the amp be easily installed

Last but not the least, consider the location where you are going to install the amplifier. Can you easily fix the amplifier below one of the car seats or it will be fixed in the trunk? It is not too difficult to understand how to install the car amplifier. You can easily find a mechanic who can route the wiring and install the amplifier at a safe location. You should carefully measure how much space is available below the car seats and also in the trunk. Now choose an amplifier that you can easily install on one of the measured location in your car.
There is nothing more that will affect your purchase. You will certainly buy a perfect amplifier, if you consider the four mentioned aspects. The price should be under your budget and do not end up by buying an expensive unit because you will also need to spend some money on installation and wiring.