How to adjust a car amp for the best sound


It is not quite easy to adjust the car amplifier. It is an electronic device, used to improve the sound quality and play music louder. The perfectly tuned amplifier can certainly help you in producing the best audio output. The car amps come with so many different buttons and knobs. The speakers and subwoofers installed in your car will perform exceptionally well if the amplifier is adjusted in a perfect way. There will be distortion, buzzing noises, hissing, and crackling sounds if the amp is not perfectly tuned. So, follow a few simple tips to adjust your car amplifier for the best sound.

Setting the gain and volume control

First of all, turn off the stereo and then disconnect the RCA cables, which are connected with the amplifier. Now start the audio system again and then turn the volume knob to the maximum level without playing any song. Here it is important to disconnect the speakers because any sound played on the radio can destroy the speakers. As you have checked the maximum volume, now turn the volume knob up to 80% from the maximum level. Now the radio equalizer should be set on “Flat” and then you should turn the bass boost and gain of the amp to zero.
If you have followed the suggested tips, now is the time to plugging in the RCA cables. Choose the amplifier channels that you like to tune. You can get the amplifier tuning disc or play your favorite music to tune the amp. Increase the volume and wait for the distortion. You will have to back off the gain until the speakers are distorting. This step will help you in tuning the frequencies.

Adjusting the frequencies

Every car amp comes with inbuilt filters and crossovers, which you are going to set now. Choose the LPF for sub and HPF for the speakers. If there are medium size speakers installed in your car, you should choose off or full position and avoid this tuning because your speakers will use a full range of frequencies. Now is the time to recognize the frequency range of the sub or speakers.

How to adjust car amp for best sound

Set the frequency dial to the lowest frequency according to the rating of your speakers when you have chosen the HPF and adjusting the amp for the speakers. When you have selected the LPF to adjust the frequency for sub, set the frequency dial to the highest frequency according to the frequency ratings of the sub woofer.

Adjusting the bass boost

If there is an adjustment that many people fail to do is setting bass boost. You can easily enhance the loudness of the bass by applying the given adjustment. You should turn the gain down as you turn the bass boost up. Not all the subs are the same. Therefore, it is important to find the perfect combination of bass boost and gain. The only thing you should worry about is distortion. Make sure that there will be no distortion while you are adjusting the bass boost to improve the loudness of bass.

Tuning the gain

Everything is done and it is the last step. Now get back to the gain and turn the radio back to zero. Now play the amplifier tuning disc. Increase the radio volume up to 75% and do not go higher than it. There should be no distortion if all the adjustments are done properly. If there is distortion, you should lower the gain to avoid that distortion. You will have to invest in a big size subwoofer if the bass is not loud enough to satisfy your needs. You will also need a more powerful amp to power that bigger size subwoofer.

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