How to connect a car amp in your house

The music lovers need high-quality music everywhere around them. It does not matter that it is
your home or the car, you can play bass boosted songs anywhere you want. All you need is a
powerful amp with a subwoofer. Though it is a bit tricky to connect the car amp in the house,
this guide will help you in learning how to do it. Follow each step carefully because this is how
you can improve the theater system or home stereo in your home.

Preparing for the installation

Connecting the car amp in the house with the speaker or subwoofer would be a bit tricky. First
of all, you need 12 volt DC power supply. We use around 120 volt AC power supply at home,
which is not suitable for the car amp. In addition, you need a DC power supply instead of AC
power supply. A normal 12V AC to DC transformer is not a good solution. It provides
12amperage, which is not enough to operate the car amp. Therefore, you should choose a
computer power supply unit. It works at 12v DC and produces the required amounts of
amperage. Even the pros suggest this solution because it works the best when it comes to
powering the car amplifier in the house.

Installation guide

You should begin the installation process by checking the amount of amps your car amplifier
requires. Check the fuses on the amp to know the amount. Once you have found it, now you
should search for the pinout sheet of your CPS model. If you have found the sheet, locate the
pinouts of the computer power supply. It will be identical to PS_ON or PS_OK. Most of the
manufacturers locate it on the main power plug. Now you should connect the green or dark
colored wire of the CPS to the black ground wires. This is how your CPS can turn on effectively.
Now, turn on the CPSband and check if it works.

The CPS is working now, so remove its cover and find orange and red wires. In case you are
using only the computer power supply, you should keep the black and yellow wires, which
supply the voltage to the amp and ground it. Now group the yellow and black wires disjointedly
to secure them.

Connecting the amp

According to the pros, you should connect all the black and yellow wires to the amp. Using only
a few wires to connect the amp is not a good idea because it is how you can reduce the stress
on the amp by using all the black and yellow wires to power the amplifier. Now the time has
come to connect a bundle of wires to the car amp you have. You should use a fork wire terminal to connect the amplifier. Solder the bundled wires and then crimp to the terminal. That is how
you can ensure that every wire is connected and never get pulled out of the terminal.
Now bridge a wire to the REM terminal of the car amp to the 12V power source. This bridge will
be used whenever you want to turn on the amplifier. It would not be too tough for you to
connect the sub to the amp. Though, it can be a bit tough to connect the stereo to the amp.
Use the speaker level inputs to connect the stereo with the amp. The stereo in your home will
produce 8ohm and the amp would require 4ohms, so you can use the stereo level inputs to
avoid this issue. The amp will receive two 4ohm signals and it will work quite effectively.

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