Autotek Amp Review

Autotek has been in the business of providing car audio services for the past 30 years. The company’s Mean Machine flagship of amplifiers has been undergoing massive and notable improvements in both circuitry and signal flow. This flagship is considered the biggest power that delivers an output of a whopping 4000 watts. This Autotek amp review intends to focus on the Autotek 4000 Watt Mono Amplifier.

Autotek Amp Review – Product Description

The Autotek 4000 Watt Mono Amplifier is a US amplifier that weighs 10.3 pounds and measures 18.2 x 11.2 x 3.5 inches. This product delivers 4000 watts Maxx power. With a frequency response of 15-250 Hz, this amplifier will turn heads when it powers your speakers. It has variable low-pass controls from 30-250 Hz and variable subsonic filter controls from 15-35 Hz. These allow for complete tuning of the subwoofer system. The Bass Boost control has a 45Hz frequency that adjusts the sound bass from 0-10dB. This amplifier comes with a Bass Remote for the front of the car. It costs $163.28, but with an additional $27.95, it can come with the SoundBox amplifier installation kit complete with cables.

Autotek Amp Review

Pros and Cons

One thing that is impressive and outstanding about this product is the performance. With the right subwoofers that can handle its power, the MMA4000.1D will definitely appeal to your preferences as far as loud music is concerned. More often than not, you will have a low-power amp connected with a bunch of speakers, subwoofers, and tweeters. For the MMA4000.1D, this will be a perfect combination because this amplifier is designed to multitask. As such, you do not have to worry about power consumption for your device. Additionally, it is arguably the cheapest amp on the market. With a 4000 watts max power output, this amp beats the rivals hands down. It is worth noting, though, that with a 1 ohm stable, the power is nowhere near 4000 watts.

The downside of the MMA4000.1D is the lack of warranty. In case one of the components breaks down, it will be difficult for you to have it fixed for free. One Autotek amp review noted that after the bass knob breaking down, they had to work around with the amp as it was with no alternative. A warranty would be a great way to help fix such issues. The durability of this amplifier is also a point of concern for most of the Autotek amp reviews. The amp heats up after only a couple of minutes even when the connection is okay.

Autotek Amp Review – Conclusion

The Mean Machine MMA4000.1D is a low budget amplifier that fits the bill and delivers a standard service as far as sound quality is concerned. Given the high-frequency range, the listener has access to a host of varieties allowing them to experience diversity in sound.


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